Fat Yellow Moon

You found money to make you smile,
It ain’t going to change you, it going to change,
You found change to make you smile,
No need for money, it all sounds funny.
— Crazy I, Kadak Sessions with Fat Yellow Moon

An upcoming singer-songwriter based in Mumbai, Fat Yellow Moon is the alter ego of Abhishek Chandran. His unique voice and fresh songwriting, make him our favourite new artist from the independent music community. An indie folk songwriter, he hopes to release his debut EP in 2016.

Before Fat Yellow Moon, there was Abhishek Chandran, who picked up the guitar in school like most kids aspiring to be musicians, except in this case, Abhishek’s lack of formal training in the guitar, became the source of his original and unique composition style. Playing with different shapes to form the various chords that he uses in his songwriting, Abhishek started his journey in music with an offbeat style now which has defined his style. After shifting to Bombay in 2013 he has been playing several gigs around the city and was recently featured on Vh1 as part of Rohit ‘P-Man’ Pereira’s Vh1 Music Diaries.