Below are the albums that our artists have released officially and are available on all digital stores including Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn and iTunes. Covering a variety of genres, these releases represent the authenticity of each artists vision and lay the stepping stone for their future projects.


Make It Happen by Tejas (2017)

After an unprecedented crowd-funding effort, which saw his album reach its target within the first few hours of going live, Tejas' hotly anticipated debut LP, Make It Happen is finally here. Featuring 10 tracks ranging from almost every single influence Tejas has ever had including Funk, RnB, Electronica, Rock and Folk, all rolled into one epic pop-rock experience.

With Friends Like These EP by Short Round (2017)

Fresh off the heels of his Debut EP 'Desperate Time' Mumbai-based troubadour Jishnu Guha AKA Short Round releases his sophomore effort With Friends Like These, and as the title suggests ropes in some of the biggest names from the independent music community to share his signature style, and create another crop of memorable and poignant songs.


Desperate Times EP by Short Round (2016)

'Desperate Times' is a 5 track EP by songwriter Short Round that takes simple arrangements and melodies and elevates them to emotionally charged anthems that most can relate to. Using few words Short Round conveys volumes of regret, melancholy, anger and nostalgia.


Rush EP by Mali (2017)

'Rush' is the debut release by Mali is about taking a leap of faith to in order to build a dream and getting a rush from doing it.


In The Brightest Corners by Awkward Bong (2015)

The full-length debut of Awkward Bong is a thoughtful pop album that has songwriter Ronit Sarkar turn his late night musings into a beautiful landscape, sometimes just using his voice and guitar.


We Never Left EP by Ramya Pothuri (2016)

We Never Left is a brief meditation on songwriter Ramya Pothuri's journey from leaving her hometown in St.Louis to arriving in Mumbai and making peace with her new environment.   


Small Victories EP by Tejas (2014)

Recorded during the monsoons of 2014 at Mumbai’s Cotton Press Studio, ‘Small Victories’ is a pop-rock record, about struggles with the various people and communities in which anyone trying to survive in an imperfect world, must endure.